March 22, 2010

Statement by the Indonesian Delegation on Behalf of the G-33 at the WTO Trade Negotiations Committee Meeting

Thank you, Mr. Chairman,


I am taking the floor on behalf of the G-33.

  1. The G-33 joins other delegations in thanking you, Mr. Chairman, for arranging and facilitating this week’s series of meeting relating to the Senior Official Level Stocktaking Exercise.
  2. We commend you and the Chairs of the Negotiating Groups for the tireless efforts in keeping the Doha Development Round alive and moving forward. Consistent with our constructive approach, the G-33 is ready to support the effort to take stock of the current state of play of the Doha Round with the aim of arriving at an acceptable future course of action.
  3. The stocktaking exercise provides the opportunity to renew Members’ commitment to the development objectives of the Round and generate new political momentum to conclude the Round that delivers the development dividends it promised in Doha 2001 and Hong Kong 2005.
  4. The developing countries, especially the less-developed among them, stand to gain from a successful conclusion of the Round that is faithful to its development mandate.
  5. The conclusion of the Round, therefore, is most imperative. It has to result in enhancement of the role of the WTO in advancing the development goals of developing countries and make its provisions of special and differential (S&D) treatment operational.
  6. In agriculture, the Doha Round must fulfill its mandate requiring that the S&D provisions be operationally effective to enable developing countries to adequately take into account their food security, livelihood security and rural development needs.
  7. Most developing countries urgently need better protection of the livelihood of farmers. The recent crisis has clearly highlighted the vulnerabilities within agriculture systems and the need for safeguarding the livelihoods of poor and vulnerable people.
  8. The G-33 has always been committed to engage constructively in the agriculture negotiations and supports an early conclusion of the Round which yields balanced and pro-development outcome. The G-33 Members have continued working with the COA-SS Chairman and other Members on the outstanding issues of the SSM, with a view to establishing a simple and effective SSM.
  9. Since last year, the G-33 has positively responded to the call by the COA-SS Chair to take part in technical consultations in order to resolve the gaps that remain in the draft Agriculture Modalities. We will continue to show our willingness to discuss more technical aspects of the SSM with the aim of providing a better understanding on the details of the issue and its architecture. We also invite technical contributions from Members with the hope of finding a way forward and to reaching a compromise on the issue.
  10. We would also like to reiterate that while the Chair has been rightly focusing on the bracketed and annotated portions in the Rev.4 Text, there are other unresolved issues in the Text which still remain to be negotiated.
  11. It is our expectation that this path of intensive technical consultations on SSM is commensurately matched by parallel intensified work in other areas of the Round where gaps remain. SSM is just one of many other pending issues in the draft Agriculture Modalities. We would therefore want to see that the Stocktaking exercise concluded with the nomination of all the pending issues that Members want to further address.
  12. Finally, Mr. Chairman, the G-33 believes that collective effort to reach the end-point of the Doha Round is needed.
  13. We therefore call upon all Members to reinvigorate the political will necessary to conclude the Round. This is the single most important ingredient to success.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


Geneva, 22 March 2010

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