March 26, 2010

Statement by the Indonesian Delegation at the WTO Trade Negotiations Committee

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation aligns itself with the statement made by Vietnam on behalf of ASEAN.

May I also take this opportunity to reaffirm the points outlined by the G-33 during the TNC meeting last Monday.

I would like to express my highest appreciation for your hard work and the tireless efforts of  the WTO Secretariat, the Chairs of the Negotiating Groups, and the delegates of WTO Members, all of whom took part in this week’s stocktaking exercise.

Indonesia has always, and continues, to support a swift conclusion to the Doha Development Round. Thus, we continue to lend our support to the post-Stocktaking effort in a bid to move the Round towards its earliest possible conclusion.

We also hope to see a continuation of the Geneva-based negotiation process in its various multilateral formats. In addition, we also see the need for NG-Chairs’ led consultations which can further address the outstanding technical issues in each negotiating area and bridge the remanining gaps.

Small group HODs and Senior Officials should meet, from time to time, to further assess the size of the remaining gaps and to discuss possible ways out, such as though a horizontal process.

As we now find ourselves in a climate of limited political energy, efforts to motivate and bring together renewed commitments are more important than ever. To this end, Ministerial engagements, the most important source of authority, are of critical importance for addressing political issues, seeking out compromise within the landing zone, and fostering a negotiating environment for the Geneva-based technical discussions.

Bilateral and plurilateral talks can also be complementary to this process.  Such talks, which should not compromise the centrality of the multilateral process, would focus on identifying the size of the gaps and ways in which to narrow them down.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


 Geneva, 26 March 2010

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