May 4, 2010

Statement by H.E. Mr. Dian Triansyah Djani, Permanent Representative of Indonesia, at the 8th Session of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review, Consideration of the UPR Report for Guinea

Mr. President,

Let me first of all extend my thanks to the delegation of Guinea, headed by H.E. Bakary Fofana, for their frank and informative national report.

While openly admitting that poverty, illiteracy and the lack of human and financial resources all hamper Guinea’s progress in the promotion and protection of human rights, the report nevertheless attests to a clear political will on the part of the Government to tackle these shortcomings. Indeed, we note that Guinea is party to all seven core international human rights instruments, and other international and regional treaties.

We are encouraged to note that the Government of Guinea is making efforts to meet its international obligations by gradually installing a human rights framework and educating judges and lawyers, public servants, and army and police officers about respect for human rights. The government is also aware that prevalent corruption undermines an effective human rights culture and must be eradicated.

We appreciate the Government for the efforts undertaken to protect women and children from trafficking in persons. In this regard, we would like to encourage Guinea to further tighten its cooperation links with its neighbours and step up awareness-raising and information campaigns to combat trafficking. Likewise, the publication of the Children’s Code in 2009 is another positive measure in the protection of children from violence and exploitation.

Guinea also deserves to be congratulated for providing free education and healthcare. These are areas of primary importance in order to help spread literacy in the country and promote development and greater prosperity. In the field of health, we commend the serious efforts deployed by the government to combat female genital mutilation and HIV/AIDS. Hence, we recommend that the Government continue the efforts in this regard.

These efforts, Mr. President, also deserve to receive support in order to enable their systematic and efficient development. We hope that Guinea will be able to benefit from the financial and technical support it needs in order to build up its achievements consistently in the field of human rights.

Thank you.

Geneva, 4 May 2010

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