July 19, 2010

Statement By The Delegation Of The Republic Of Indonesia WTO Committee On Trade And Development – Sixteenth Session On Aid For Trade

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

My delegation would like to convey its appreciation for the convening of the Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Aid for Trade this morning. We believe that the issue of monitoring and evaluation deserves a comprehensive discussion, in particular with regard to the constraints or difficulties that we may still be having in evaluating the impact of Aid for Trade. We are also of the view that it is important that evaluations be driven by the need to learn lessons as much as they are driven by the need for accountability.

At the regional and national level, we support the conducting of case studies, with clear sets of indicators, which will allow stakeholders to share their experiences and, in our view, is the most accurate means in determining the impacts and effectiveness of Aid for Trade, as well as in identifying improvements to be made.

At the global level, countries should make efforts to contribute to reporting the delivery, allocation, progress and results of Aid for Trade. With regard to that, and evaluation results that most reflect the effectiveness of Aid for Trade, we believe that one of the most important indicator should be to identify the extent to which partners’ needs and donors’ responses have matched. As such, we believe, plays a crucial role in the formulation and implementation of programs and projects.

Indonesia takes this opportunity to reiterate its support in the monitoring and evaluation program of Aid for Trade, as well as the approaches and efforts which have been outlined and undertaken. Indonesia will do its part to contribute to the successful evaluating and reporting on outcomes and impacts of Aid for Trade.

  Thank you.

Geneva, 19 July 2010
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