September 23, 2010

Statement by the Indonesian Delegation at the 15th Session of the Human Rights Council, Consideration of the UPR report of Belarus

Mr President,

My delegation would like to thank the delegation of Belarus for their presentation today.

We commend Belarus for its commitment to the pursuit of democratic reform and the implementation of progressive and sustainable social policies, including overcoming the economic and ecological setbacks.

We also acknowledge the results achieved by the Government of Belarus in terms of the attention given to human development and social policies, in particular In the field of education.

Belarus can, however, capitalize further on these achievements by extending these programmes more systematically throughout society. In particular, the government should prioritize the training of judges and lawyers, security personnel and prison officers into the body of relevant human rights legislation in order to achieve fair and impartial judicial proceedings and trials.  This would also greatly enhance the efficacy of the government’s efforts to eradicate torture and repressive treatment in prisons and detention facilities.

The Government of Belarus is also working apace to upgrade its legislation in line with international human rights norms and standards. In this regard, we share the view of most countries that the establishment of an independent national human rights institution is a key factor in assisting governments in the elaboration and implementation of their human rights policies.

In conclusion, Mr President, we would like to encourage Belarus to continue to advance its human rights programmes. We also hope the Council will adopt the outcome report by consensus.

Thank you.

Geneva, 23 September 2010

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