September 23, 2010

Statement by the Indonesian Delegation at the 15th Session of the Human Rights Council, Consideration of the UPR report of Kuwait

Mr. President,

My delegation  would like to thank the delegation of Kuwait for their presentation today and their engagement with the Human Rights Council in the UPR process.

Indonesia commends the continuing progress of Kuwait in the areas of education, social prosperity, healthcare and freedom of the press. The advancements made in the country should serve as a positive example to other Middle Eastern countries working to raise their human rights and welfare standards.

We are also highly encouraged by Kuwait’s efforts to address the issue of discrimination and the empowerment of women, notably  by the 2005 law granting full political rights to women and the subsequent entry of four women into Parliament in 2009.

Indonesia encourages the Government of Kuwait and relevant stakeholders to continue in their efforts to promote the role and visibility of Kuwaiti women in public life.  The role of national Institutions such as the Women’s Affairs Commission should be supported and promoted at all levels.

Mr. President,

As a country with thousands of citizens employed in Middle Eastern region, Indonesia continues to urge the Government of Kuwait to strengthen legislation and implement measures to better protect the safety and rights of migrant workers.

We have been very encouraged by Kuwait’s commitment to making improvements in this area, notably by the introduction of new regulations relating to employment contracts and the regular review of the minimum wage.  We look forward to working more closely with the Kuwaiti Government on overseas domestic worker issues.

In closing, I wish to thank the delegation of Kuwait for their cooperation and commitment to the UPR process, including through the  implementation of the accepted recommendations.

Thank you.

Geneva, 23 September 2010

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