August 8, 2011

Speech by Permanent Representative of Indonesia at the Asean Flag-Hoisting Ceremony


Delegates and colleagues,

Allow me, first of all, to welcome distinguished Ambassadors and delegates to this first ASEAN flag-hoisting ceremony at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia in Geneva.

As we gather here today, to witness the first time that the ASEAN flag graces the sky of Geneva, Switzerland, we can only reflect upon 44 years of ASEAN’s history which began in 8 of August 1967 when our founding fathers signed the Bangkok Declaration.

We have ventured quite far in our history as a regional organization, building upon bricks by bricks of experiences, challenges and cooperation that bind us together as a community of nations. We have one vision and we have created one identity.

And as we witness the raising of our flag in this glorious day, symbolizing one identity and a vision of going into the future together to achieve peace and prosperity for our peoples, we are reminded once again of our joint commitments to materialize our common vision of a single regional community, the ASEAN community.

While the colors of the flag represent peace and stability, courage and dynamism, purity and prosperity, the ASEAN flag as a whole represents a stable, peaceful, united and dynamic ASEAN. All of the values embedded in our society and dreams for a glorious future.

And as we heard our anthem for the first time resonating in Geneva, we cannot but feel proud of being ASEAN and reminded once again of our common desire to live in harmony, bonded together and sharing the same dream, as clearly reflected in the lyrics of the Anthem, which I quote:

Raise our flag sky high sky

Embrace the pride in our heart

ASEAN we are bonded as one

Look-in out to the world

For peace, our goal from the very start and prosperity to last

We dare to dream we care to share together for ASEAN

We dare to dream we care to share for it’s the way of ASEAN

The Anthem’s lyrics, short as it may be, carries many words and meanings. It carries the sentiments and feelings of the ASEAN peoples. It portrays our dreams and expectations for the future.

Today we solemnly sang the ASEAN Anthem and witness the ASEAN flag hoisted in the blue sky of Geneva, the headquarters of many international organizations and where many meetings of global importance reside. It is my sincere hope that, with a sense of duty and responsibility, we, member of the ASEAN Committee in Geneva, will continue to raise the flag of ASEAN soaring high in every instances possible.

I would also like to use this opportunity, within the context of our engagement in the multilateral context, to highlight the fact that the spirit of unity of ASEAN is becoming more and more important. ASEAN is actively engaged in addressing global challenges and serves as a net contributor to global prosperity and stability. We have been acknowledged as a grouping that is credible, moderate and provide solutions to the myriads of challenges facing the world today.

In future, we will continue to contribute in preserving global peace and ensuring that the interest of ASEAN is well taken care of in the multilateral context. It is with the spirit of togetherness that we will contribute in this global arena as we conclude our quest to establish an ASEAN Community by 2015. We will continue to build on the ASEAN dream and objectives as stipulated in the ASEAN Charter. We will prevail in our endeavor to build an ASEAN community in a global community of nations. Where else can one see many nations gathered in one place but in this multilateral city of Geneva, a community of nations.

As we celebrate the 44th anniversary of the inception of ASEAN, our founding fathers would be proud to see that all countries in the Southeast Asian region are united as represented in the stalks of paddy in the ASEAN flag which symbolize that all countries in Southeast Asia bound together in friendship and solidarity.

Today, we renew our commitments to implement the ASEAN Charter in letter and in spirit. We pledge our allegiance to the ASEAN flag which from this day on will fly high and proud in each and every ASEAN mission in Geneva.

Thank you.


Geneva, 8 August 2011

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