March 21, 2012

Statement by the Indonesian Delegation Agenda Item 9 At the 19th Session of the Human Rights Council

Madam President,

I would like to thank the Intergovernmental Working Group for its report of its ninth session. Indonesia aligns itself to the statement delivered by Pakistan on behalf of the OIC and Egypt on behalf of the NAM.

Indonesia appreciates the work of the Working Group in promoting efforts in combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance, particularly through sharing of experience and best practices as well as convening thematic discussions, such as the role of sport and education in combating such forms of intolerance. Indonesia supports the continuation of the work of the Working Group to further discuss best ways and means to further promote the effective implementation of the Durban Declaration and its Programme of Action.


Madam President,

Indonesia reiterates its firm commitment to combat racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance. This commitment derives from the very nature of Indonesia as a multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation.

In combating forms of intolerance, prevention is of utmost important. In Indonesia, human rights, including issues of non-discrimination, have been integrated in our national curricula at all levels. In fact, human rights component has been integrated into the curricula of military as well as police trainings. Indeed, the principles of human rights, including combating intolerances, have been integrated to the conduct of the Police forces through the enactment of the Regulation of the Head of Indonesian National Police No. 8/2009 on the implementation of Human Rights Principles and Standards.

Indonesia also attaches the importance of the community in combating forms of intolerance. One prominent example of this is the efforts to promote religious harmony through the establishment of Religious Harmony Forum at the national as well as sub-national levels. The Forum has been proven effective in channeling discussion on religious issues to be taken into account by local and/or central government and putting forward recommendations.  In this regard, Indonesia has begun public debates on the initiative to formulate draft law on Religious Harmony.


Madam President,

Lastly, allow me to ask the Chair of the Working Group on how the Olympic plays its role in preventing racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance?

I thank you

Geneva, 21 March 2012

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