September 24, 2012

Statement by the Indonesian Delegation at General Debate on the Report the SG on Gaza FFM – 21st Session of the Human Right Council

Madam President,

My delegation takes note of the Report of the Secretary-General on Progress made in the implementation of the recommendations of the Fact-Finding Mission by all concerned parties.

In making this statement, my delegation associates itself with the statements made by Pakistan and Cuba on behalf of the OIC and the NAM respectively.


Madam President,

Indonesia shares the general concern of persistent lack of cooperation by Israel to uphold and fulfil its obligations under international human rights and humanitarian laws.   Israel’s recent complete refusal to cooperate with the Human Rights Council is a valid example in this respect.

While Council is time and again underlines the need for cooperation with the international human rights machinery, it is timely that the international community, including the Council promptly and effectively responds to this continued Israel’s rebuttal. Indonesia strongly believes that only with Israel cooperation, we will be able to achieve progress in this long-delayed conflict.

In this regard, Indonesia underlines the adequate and effective implementation of the Mission’s recommendation in paragraph 1971(a), mandating the General Assembly to request that the Security Council report to it on measures taken with regard to ensuring accountability for serious violations of international humanitarian law and human rights, in relation to the facts in the Mission’s report and any other relevant facts in the context of the military operations in Gaza.


Madam President,

My delegation denounces that at the end of July 2012 approximately 4,500 Palestinians, including 210 children, remained in Israeli prisons.   In addition to the conditions of detention and treatment by Israeli authorities, the situation of 250 Palestinians were held in administrative detention deserved our particular attention. We underlines the Secretary-General onservation that administrative detention should only be used in exceptional circumstances, in compliance with international human rights and humanitarian law.

Equally disturbing that according the report by UNICEF,  there is a significant increase in children being killed or injured in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in 2011. Furthermore, cases of Palestinian schools being attacked, resulting in interruption of education, damage to educational facilities and/or injury to Palestinian children have only deteriorated the suffering of the Palestinians.

Indonesia joins the international community in calling upon the Occupying Power to fully comply and implement all the recommendations of the Fact Finding MIssion, so as to ensure that justice can be achieved.

In conclusion Madame President, Indonesia reiterates its solid support and solidarity with the Palestinians.

Thank you.


Geneva, 24 September 2012

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