October 22, 2012

Statement by H.E. Mr. Edi Yusup, Deputy Permanent Representative of Indonesia at the 14th Session of the Working Group on Universal Periodic Review – Consideration of the UPR Report of Argentina

Madam President,

My delegation would like to thank the delegation of Argentina for their comprehensive national report and continued engagement in the UPR process.

            Indonesia commends the Government of Argentina for completing the ratification of all international human rights instruments and for extending standing invitations to all Special Procedures. This shows Argentina’s strong commitment to the promotion and protection of Human Rights and its cooperation with the UN human rights mechanism.

Madam President,

            My delegation welcomes the Government of Argentina’s efforts to combat discrimination against women by strengthening the legislative framework, introducing institutional mechanisms and implementing public equity policy. Indonesia therefore recommends the Government of Argentina to continue their efforts in this regard, including by reinforcing those mechanism and establishing planning instruments for ensuring equality.

We commend various measures and initiatives of the Government of Argentina in combatting trafficking in persons, and we recommend Argentina to enhance their efforts in this regard.

To conclude, Madam President, Indonesia would like to offer its best wishes to the Government and people of Argentina in their future endeavours towards the promotion and protection of human rights at all levels.

Thank you.


Geneva, 22 October 2012

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