March 1, 2017

34th Session of Human Rights Council Right of Reply (RoR) by the Delegation of the Republic of Indonesia

Mr. Vice President,

Indonesia rejects categorically the allegation made by the Vanuatu Delegation on the issue of Papua, which does not reflect the real situation on the ground.

Indonesia’s record on the promotion and protection of human rights speaks for it self. This includes our cooperation with various UN Special Procedures and Mandate Holders, as well as various collaborative endeavors at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels including within the Human Rights Council in strengthening human rights mechanisms as well as in the promotion and protection of various basic human rights. As a matter of fact, Indonesia will receive the visits of 2 Special Rapporteurs this year and will present our third UPR Report this coming May.

We would like to reiterate that as a democratic country based on constitutional rule of law, the Indonesian government has always endeavored to address any allegation of human rights violation as well as taking preventive measure and delivering justice. In this regard, it is the expressed commitment of the Government of Indonesia to continuously promote the fulfillment of the rights of its people in Papua. Contrary to the claim made by Vanuatu, many progress have been achieved to realize this objective.

We deeply regret that the Government of Vanuatu is blatantly using human rights issues to justify its dubious support for the separatist movement in Papua. The statement made by the Government of Vanuatu put in question the commitment of the Government of Vanuatu to comply with the basic principles of the UN as enshrine in its charter as well as its compliance to various relevant international law.

The Government of Vanuatu should not divert its focus from addressing its various domestic human rights problems by politicizing the issue of Papua for its domestic political purposes. In this regard, the Indonesian Government is prepared to work and cooperate with the Government and the people of Vanuatu in their efforts to address various human rights violations and abuses against the people of Vanuatu, such as violence against women, corporal punishment against minors, appalling prison condition, including torture of prisoners, and other challenges.

I thank you


Geneva, 1 March 2017

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