Remarks H.E. Dian Triansyah Djani, Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Indonesia, at the Handing-over Ceremony of the Chairmanship of Asian Group within the G-77 and China

April 14, 2010 Economy, Development and Environment

Mr. Chairman,

Distinguished colleagues,

As the hand-over of the chairmanship of the Asian Group has now passed from Sri Lanka to Bangladesh, my delegation would like to offer our sincere congratulations to Ambassador Abdul Hannan as the new Chair of the Asian Group. I am confident that, under his effective and purposeful leadership, the Asian group will continue in its efforts to strengthen the trade and development sector of member states and the Group will be able to play a stronger role in conveying member’s concerns to the G-77 and China.

Mr. Chairman,

I should like to extend our sincere appreciation and thanks to Ambassador Kshenuka Senewiratne and her delegation for the outstanding chairmanship and success in coordinating the work of the Asian Group within the G-77 and China Geneva Chapter in 2009.  The Asian Group has indeed been successful in voicing the concerns and underlining the needs of the Asian Group’s constituents within UNCTAD.

As we look ahead to the coming year, my delegation believes that the governments of the Asian Group’s member states will need to find more effective ways in which to address the impact of the global financial crisis and at the same time remain committed to meeting the 2015 deadline for the MDGs.

The fulfillment of the MDGs is of particular importance to countries in the Asia Pacific region, and I am pleased to inform you that the Government of Indonesia will hold a Special Ministerial Meeting for the MDGs Review in Asia and the Pacific in Jakarta, from the 3rd to 4th of August 2010. The Meeting, entitled “Run Up to 2015”, aims to result in a Declaration which will be submitted to the MDGs Review Summit scheduled for 20-22 September 2010.

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation would also like to emphasize the importance of South-South Cooperation as a vehicle to accelerate development. Indeed, the rich potential of the South-South Cooperation should be maximized to generate fruitful outcomes and exchanges between developing countries. In addition, South-South cooperation could lend invaluable support to governments in meeting the MDGs, halving poverty by 2015 and combating hunger and fighting HIV/AIDS.

Finally, let me reiterate Indonesia’s readiness to work in close cooperation with Bangladesh in its new role as Chair of the Asian Group. We look forward to working together towards our common goals in trade and development within the framework of UNCTAD.

I thank you.

Geneva, 14 April 2010