Statement by the Delegation of the Republic of Indonesia at the Working Party on Domestic Regulation

April 27, 2010 Trade/WTO

Thank you, Chair.

First of all, allow me to express Indonesia’s general view on the work that has been done in the Working Party on Domestic Regulation. Since the issuance of the revised draft text of the WPDR Chairman on March 2009, we have seen the intensive engagement of Members to strike a balance between both technical and on level of ambition of the DR text that members envisage. The intensified discussion, however, did not yield significant progress and gaps remain wide among Members.

With a view to facilitate Members in closing the remaining gaps, Indonesia welcomes the annotated draft text that has been issued by the WPDR Chair. The text will shed light on where we are and what remains to be done.


In moving the discussion forward, Indonesia would like express its views as follows:

First, the draft text should preserve the principle of right to regulate and the special needs of developing countries and LDCs, taking into account their level of development.

Second, while admitting the merit of having a thematic approach in discussing the text, Indonesia hopes that more flexible structure in our upcoming works should also be taken into account.

Finally, let me reassure you that Indonesia attaches great importance to the works of the WPDR and we stand ready to constructively engage in future work.

I thank you.


Geneva, 27 April 2010