Statement by H.E. Mr. Dian Triansyah Djani, Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Indonesia, Updates of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the 14th Session of the Human Rights Council

May 31, 2010 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. President,

Madame High Commissioner,

The Indonesian delegation would like to thank the High Commissioner for her informative update.

May I also extend a warm welcome to the twelve newly elected and re-elected members of the Council. As we will conclude our membership at the end of this month, my delegation would like to express its appreciation for the cooperation of all members over the past years.

We align ourselves with the statement made by Pakistan on behalf of the OIC.

Mr. President,

As rightly pointed out by the High Commissioner, the review process of the Human Rights Council is already underway. Focusing on the functioning and the method of work of this esteemed body, this intergovernmental process should dearly adhere to the mandate stipulated in GA Resolution 60/251, in particular OP 16. My delegation is of the view that the structure on the IB Package should provide a clear guidance on the scope of discussion regarding the review.

We look forward to working with all stakeholders. Let me reiterate our commitment to continue engaging actively and constructively in this process.

Mr. President,

It is evident from her updates that the High Commissioner has had an extremely busy yet fulfilling schedule.  There is indeed no better way to understand the harsh reality of situations than by seeing them first hand and we commend her efforts to highlight the ongoing injustices and human rights violations which unfortunately continue to cast a shadow across all corners of the world.

We note that the Right to Development and the fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) rightly continue to be predominant themes on the human rights agenda.

Indonesia has adopted a proactive approach to both these areas and is working to address fundamental issues such as poverty, development, provision of healthcare and access to education. This is a challenging task and we fully understand the strong correlation between development and the promotion and protection of human rights of the Indonesian people.

In line with international priorities, and in anticipation of the upcoming interactive dialogue on maternal mortality, my delegation wishes to comment further on the health-related MDGs which, as the High Commissioner pointed out, remain the most challenging objectives to fulfill.

Indonesia has stepped up its efforts to advance progress in this area, adopting a “two-pronged” approach.

Firstly, we are striving to improve both the quality and accessibility to community healthcare facilities by increasing health budget and financing, and increasing availability and affordability of drugs and medical devices.

Secondly, we are enhancing community participation by introducing free health care for the poor, as well as improving competencies of health providers.

Indonesia is looking forward to participating in the MDGs Summit in September and in this regard, we will also convene a Special Ministerial Meeting for an MDGs Review for Asia and the Pacific in August 2010.

Mr. President,

As the High Commissioner highlighted in her update report, many countries around the world still find themselves in situations of conflict and unrest.  We also continue to keep the people of Haiti in our thoughts in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

Turning now to the protracted situation in the Middle East, we echo the concerns of the High Commissioner regarding the human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territory. The blockade of the Gaza Strip is an abhorrent and unacceptable violation of the human rights of the Palestinian people denying them access to the very basic necessities of life.

Today’s shocking news coming out from Gaza about the Israeli attack to the humanitarian workers on board the aid convoy only further confirms the seriousness of the situation. We strongly condemn this attack, and urge the Council to put the Palestine situation at the top priority of this session.

In conclusion, Mr. President, Indonesia once again would like to thank the High Commissioner for her updates and urges all member states to work in partnership towards a common goal of promoting and protecting human rights and eradicating injustice, intolerance and discrimination from our societies.

Thank you.

 Geneva, 31 May 2010