Statement by The Deputy Permanent Representative in Charge of WTO Issues, Ambassador Erwidodo, of The Republic of Indonesia on Behalf of the G-33 Informal TNC Meeting

June 11, 2010 Trade/WTO

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

I am speaking on behalf of the G-33

Let me start by thanking you for convening this meeting of the TNC.

The G-33 has taken note of the details that you have provided and would like to reiterate the Group’s view and position on some key aspects, namely:

  1. The December 2008 draft Modalities Revision 4 will continue to serve as the basis for further negotiations on agriculture.
  2. That development remains at the heart of the negotiations and the round
  3. The Doha Mandates for special and differential treatment will be preserved and is integral to any results of the Doha Round negotiations.
  4. The process of negotiations remains multilateral, inclusive, bottom-up, and fully transparent.
  5. Discussions in various configurations, including small groups, bilaterals and plurilaterals, can only be acceptable when they are fed into and brought back to the multilateralised formats.

With regard to any horizontal process, the G-33 would like to caution Members that such a process would have to be guided by the Hong Kong Ministerial Declaration. It has to be balanced across all areas of negotiations and is not selective with focus only on market access. Further, the varying levels of maturity of the various issues across the negotiations must be taken into account.

Finally, the G-33 urges Members to make every effort to bridge differences, build on progress made so far and to build up the political capital which is required for concluding the Doha Development Round.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman


Geneva, 11 June 2010