Statement by H.E. Mr. Dian Triansyah Djani, Permanent Representative of Indonesia at the 15th Session of the Human Rights Council, SRSG on Children in Armed Conflict

September 13, 2010 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. President,

On behalf of my delegation, I would like to thank Ms Coomaraswamy for her report and presentation today.

It is both astonishing and troubling to hear that so many of the world’s children still lack basic protection in situations of armed conflict.  As the Special Representative herself says, this is an issue which merits much greater attention both as a human rights concern and as threat to international peace and security.

As we mark the twentieth anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the sixtieth anniversary of the Geneva Conventions, Indonesia fully agrees that Member States have a responsibility to fully comply with international law for the protection of children.  We should also ensure that matters pertaining to grave violations against children are more thoroughly discussed in the UPR process.

My delegation would also like to commend Ms Coomaraswamy’s proactive initiative and her efforts to establish 18 as the global minimum age for voluntary recruitment into the armed forces. Her work in raising awareness about the horrors facing children recruited into the armed forces or armed groups should set an example for us all and we wish her well with the ongoing “Zero Under Eighteen Campaign”

The internal displacement of children during times of conflict is another issue which requires the urgent attention of both the international community and the national governments concerned.  Instability and trauma can have an irreversible impact on a child’s physical and mental health and we urge that the rights of displaced children are protected in accordance with international law and the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement.

Allow me to ask questions to Ms. Coomaraswamy. Taking into account your vast experience on the issue, could you share with us on how to measure progress and achievements in the integration process of child soldiers back to their community. Is there any best practices in this regard?.

Thank you

Geneva, 13 September 2010