Intervention by the Indonesian Delegate on the 57th Session of TDB UNCTAD, Agenda Item 8: Evaluation and Review of UNCTAD’s Implementation of Accra Accord

September 22, 2010 Economy, Development and Environment

Discussion of Subtheme 1: Enhancing coherence at all levels for sustainable economic development and poverty reduction in global policymaking, including the contribution of regional approaches

Mr. President,

First of all, allow me to follow previous speakers in congratulating you and the Secretariat for the convening of this session which we are hopeful will bring implementable outcomes for all UNCTAD member states.

With regard to the subtheme 1, as we are all aware of that globalization undoubtedly has had a visible effect on the performance of many developing countries. However, the challenges have not disappeared for all that and have persisted in certain areas. High rates of economic growth have not been translating effectively into poverty reduction. Therefore, a shift in focus is needed from getting the price right to getting development right in our endeavors to achieve the Millennium Development Goals/MDGs.

It is with this backdrop, Indonesia views the importance of coherence at all levels to maximize benefit from globalization for sustainable development and poverty reduction. Coherence in global policy-making is crucial in supporting both national and regional competitiveness.

Enduring problems continue to bug the multilateral trading and financial systems, which are indeed now at a crossroad. UNCTAD through its three pillars, therefore, should contribute to address this coherence and systemic issues.

Along this line, we note that other speakers have mentioned the need not only to put a descriptive report but also and  more importantly a more analytical research on what has been done by the secretariat to this end and what is still expected to be implemented by UNCTAD until 2012 where we will have UNCTAD XIII Conference.

In New York, a few days ago UN General Assembly convened an in-depth High-Level Conference in which majority Heads of States and Heads of Governments of UN member states met to thoroughly discuss possibility in attaining the MDGs. While in Geneva where we are all finding ways to enhance coherence at all levels to make sustainable economic development, MDGs are only specifically mentioned in one line in the whole subtheme 1 (Document TD/B/57/7).

Mr. President,

Issues such as the attainment the MDGs should be at the center for us all and in this vein we are hopeful that UNCTAD could take into account our concerns and incorporate them in subtheme 1.

Thank you.