Statement by the Indonesian Delegation at the 15th Session of the Human Rights Council, Consideration of the UPR report of Turkey

September 23, 2010 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr President,

Our delegation would like to once again thank the delegation of Turkey for its comprehensive presentation today.

We commend the important constitutional and institutional reforms initiated by the government with strong human rights foundation, which is also reflected in its ratification of all the main international instruments and in its plans to pursue human rights reform in parallel with institutional reform.

Thus we applaud the consistent efforts made by Turkey to harmonize its national legislation and judicial practices with international agreements and for the measures adopted to ensure human rights training of judges and law enforcement officers, the military, health personnel and, in due course, religious leaders.

Turkey is also forging ahead with its policies for the protection of children and has already achieved notable successes. The establishment of the Monitoring Committee on Violence against Women and the recently created Women and Men Equal Opportunity Parliamentary Commission should help focus efforts towards the protection and empowerment of women.

Mr. President,

We would also welcome the fact that Turkey has accepted most of the recommendations given during our deliberation in the Working Group, including two recommendations from Indonesia.

Finally, Mr President, we wish to encourage Turkey to continue its endeavours in promoting and protecting human rights for all in accordance to its international obligations. We also sincerely hope that the Council will adopt the outcome report by consensus.

Thank you.

Geneva, 23 September 2010