Statement by H.E. Mr. Desra Percaya, Charge d’Affaires/Deputy Permanent Representative of Indonesia at the 15th Session of the Human Rights Council – Item 7: Follow-up to the Special Sessions – Report of the Committee of Experts

September 27, 2010 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. President,

Madame High Commissioner,

Indonesia welcomes the Commmittee of the Experts and the Secretary-General as well as the High Commissioner’s reports on Progress made in the implementation of the recommendations of the Fact-Finding Mission by all concerned parties, including United Nations bodies.

We associate ourselves with the remarks made by Pakistan and Egypt on behalf of the OIC and the NAM respectively.

In its conclusions, the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza conflict (IIFFM) made a number of recommendations to the various parties concerned, namely: the conflicting parties – Israel, the responsible Palestinian authorities, and the Palestinian armed groups – various UN bodies, and the international community.

Yet, looking at the follow-up to special sessions, Mr. President, we cannot but note with regret the serious delays and inconsistencies which have crippled the process, bringing a negative impact on the effectiveness of this follow-up. The majority of the actors involved have signally failed to implement the recommendations addressed to them, partly through a lack of motivation, but also, in the case of the conflicting parties, especially Israel, out of a deliberate desire to ignore them.

The Council, for its part, has fulfilled most of the tasks assigned to it by the Mission. It further complied with the recommendations made to it by submitting the report to the General Assembly as well as to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

We deplore the lack of action by other UN institutions which could have a significant bearing on resolving the current deadlock. On the part of Israel, we note the usual distressing lack of goodwill and deliberate contempt for the recommendations of the Council and its mechanisms. Violations of the fundamental human rights of Palestinians continue unabated, even if Israel has partly complied with the recommendation to release some Palestinian prisoners.

Mr. President,

Allow me to conclude by reiterating our strong belief in the importance of compliance, by all parties, with the recommendations of the Human Rights Council, and its mechanisms and mandate-holders. The report of the Fact-Finding Mission contains some excellent and balanced recommendations, which are an important key towards a lasting resolution of the Middle East conflict.

We therefore urge the conflicting parties to renounce the vicious circle of violence. There can be no progress towards lasting peace without compliance with these and other recommendations by the human rights institutions. Together with the international human rights community, Indonesia will staunchly support the efforts of all parties in achieving this goal.

Thank you.

Geneva, 27 September 2010