G-33 Statement at the TNC Meeting

October 19, 2010 Trade/WTO

Mr. Chairman,

I am taking the floor on behalf of the G-33.

The G33 joins other delegations in thanking you, Mr. Chairman, for convening the meeting and for your comprehensive report on the recent progress and way forward of the Doha Round negotiation. The group commends you and the Chairs of the Negotiating Groups as well as Small Group’s facilitators for the tireless efforts in keeping the negotiation alive and moving forward.

In recent months, we have witnessed some new and positive developments with regard to the discussion on agriculture. Indeed, the Ambassadors Small Group Brainstorming Session, as part of the “Cocktail Approach,” provided a good opportunity for members to discuss a wide range of the issues currently under negotiation and the processes by which we can expeditiously address them.

The G-33 welcomes the brainstorming session as we believe it to be a constructive step in further addressing the gaps in Doha Development Round.  The sessions were also useful for broadening our collective knowledge and understanding of the very critical issues such as Special and Differential Treatment (S&D) and development, among many others.

The G-33 supports the continuation of such brainstorming sessions and hopes that such events will continue to present a window of opportunity for the continuation of real and meaningful negotiations.

However, the G33 is of the view that the brainstorming sessions should complement – and the result of which should be fed into – existing formal negotiating process. In addition, transparency is of paramount importance in that the Small Group Brainstorming Sessions will only be beneficial to the overall process to the extent that they advance the thinking of all Members.

Furthermore, the G-33 wishes to highlight the importance of members’ flexibility in order to allow the negotiation move forward and make meaningful progress. Hence, mutual understanding and creativity is needed to reaching a speedy and necessary conclusion to the Doha Development Round. 

Mr Chairman,

On our part, the G-33 remains fully committed to these negotiations and is motivated by a firm belief that we can conclude a balanced and ambitious Doha Round with development at its core and thus effectively address the development needs of the developing countries and LDCs. 

Thank you.

 Geneva, 19 October 2010