Statement by H.E. Dian Triansyah Djani, Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Indonesia at the 9th Session of the UPR Working Group – Review of the United States of America

November 5, 2010 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. President,

My delegation would like to welcome the delegation of the United States and thank its members for their comprehensive report.

My delegation notes positively the US UPR national report, touching on the US government’s commitment to freedom, equality and dignity, freedom of expression, association and political participation. Indonesia commends the fact that such obligations are enshrined in the US constitution.

Furthermore, Indonesia also welcomes United States’ engagement in the Council.

Mr. President,

Indonesia continues to believe that all member states, including the US, need to make every effort to promote and protect human rights, be it civil and political as well as economic, social and cultural rights, in a balanced manner. Equally important is the need to promote religious and cultural tolerance and understanding. In this regard, we recommend that the US continue to create an enabling climate for such tolerance and understanding at the grass roots level.

In the spirit of dialogue and cooperation, and in view of the US contribution to the development of human rights norms and standards since the early years of the United Nations, my delegation wishes to submit the following recommendations:

  1. We note that the US is a party to the ICCPR but continues to have reservations on a number of its articles. We would therefore recommend that it consider lifting these reservations.
  2. Similarly, the US has been a signatory of CEDAW since 1980, of the ICESCR since 1977, and CRC since 1995. These are important Conventions whose scope and effectiveness are greatly enhanced by ratification. We therefore recommend that the US ratify CEDAW, ICESCR, and CRC in token of its commitment to their implementation worldwide. We also recommend that the US also become Party to other international human rights conventions as reffered to in the OHCHR report.

To conclude, Indonesia continues to believe that an emphasis to genuine dialogue and cooperation in advancing the cause of human rights, will certainly yield to tangible results and ensure constructive follow-up and implementation

Thank you.

Geneva, 5 November 2010