Statement by the Delegation of the Republic of Indonesia at the 9th Session of the UPR Working Group – Review of the Libyan Arab Republic

November 9, 2010 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr President,

My delegation would like to thank the delegation of the Libyan Arab Republic for the presentation of their national report and for their participation in the UPR process.

Indonesia welcomes Libya’s stated commitment to a participatory political system, gender equality, and social justice. We believe that the Libyan government implements this commitment in the context of human rights at all levels, and in all sectors, of society. The creation of a specialized human rights monitoring unit, within the Office of the Public Prosecutor, is a positive step forward in this regard.

Indonesia also welcomes the Libyan government’s efforts to ensure better national standards of health and education, and notes that commendable progress has been made in both these key areas.   We also praise Libya’s increasing commitment to women’s equality and empowerment and continuing efforts to address a number of social, economic and cultural factors that may hamper this process.

Mr. President,

In the spirit of dialogue and cooperation, my delegation wishes to submit the following recommendations:

  1. For the long-term development and progress of Libyan society, particularly in the protection of the most basic individuals’ freedoms at all levels of society, we recommend that Libya establishes a national human rights institution in line with the Paris Principles.
  2. We note positively that Libya has ratified ICERD in 1968 and recommends that it continues to harmonize its national legislations with the convention, aiming at preventing racial discrimination.

Thank you