Statement by the Delegation of Indonesia at Meeting of the WTO Committee on Trade and Development – Aid for Trade

June 24, 2011 Disarmament

Thank you Mr. Chairman,

Indonesia would like to take this opportunity to thank the WTO and the Asian Development Bank for co-hosting with the Government of Indonesia the Regional Review Meeting on Aid for Trade, held on 14 June 2011 in Jakarta.

 The meeting was quite an achievement in that it was attended by almost 250 participants, including several ministers from the ASEAN region, country, international organization and donor representatives such as the WTO, ADB, Ausaid, JICA, the World Bank, UNIDO, OECD, APEC, ITC, USTR, and UNDP, as well as local participants.

This third Asia Pacific Regional Review meeting was significant as it provided an understanding on how aid for trade has helped the region in increasing export of goods and services in the current economic situation, and how it has enhanced the integration into the multilateral trading system and benefit from liberalized trade and increased market access.

The meeting was divided into 4 sessions which comprised a discussion on a strategic overview on trade policies, economic development and aid for trade in the Asia Pacific; the role of aid for trade in the region and showcase how it addresses trade-related constraints and infrastructure gaps; critical areas where private sector has a role to play as a beneficiary and leverage of aid for trade including finance, trade facilitation and public-private partnership and other constraints; and key messages coming from the case stories submitted on the Asia-Pacific for the Global Review.

The event also prompted the further development of the Regional Technical Group on Aid for Trade and marked the launching of the Asian International Economists Network website by the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia and the President of the Asian Development Bank.

The meeting also benefited from a presentation of the WTO/UNESCAP/OECD case story analyses and the introduction of a number of individual case stories from donors and partners in the region.

Messages emanating from Regional Reviews have made clear of the need and importance of Aid for Trade and has spurred the vigor necessary for the regions’ development partners and developing member countries to continue their collaborative effort to strengthen trade in order to boost economic growth and reduce poverty in Asia and the Pacific.

In this regard, Indonesia supports the WTO`s valuable effort to continue providing assistance to members to enhance their capacity and integration into the multilateral trading system and to develop trade policies and strategies to complement their development agenda through Aid for Trade.

Mr. Chairman,

As the co-host of the Asia Pacific Regional Review Meeting on Aid for Trade, Indonesia once again gives the highest acknowledgement to the WTO and the Asian Development Bank for the excellent cooperation which led to a successful meeting of the Regional Review. We also thank the contributors who participated and shared their insights on the current Aid for Trade issues in the Asia Pacific region.

We would also like to thank all of you who have been involved in this Regional Review Meeting. It is also our hope that with the assistance of our partners, the region’s objective to better integrate in the world economy will fully materialize and bring profound economic and social benefit in the region.

The Asia Pacific experience on Aid for Trade have been an important lesson learned for us and provided information to be conveyed to the Third Global Review on Aid for Trade that will be held in July 2011 in Geneva. It is our hope that the regional meeting that was held in Jakarta and the Asia Pacific experience have contributed in the further development and expansion of the aid for trade initiative.

Thank you.

Geneva, 24 June 2011