Intervention by the Indonesian Delegation During Panel on Sport and UNDHR

February 27, 2012 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. Moderator,

My delegation thanks the panellists for their insightful presentations.

We fully concur on how sport exploits human potential into achievements and how sports promotes positive values in person and society.

Sport is a powerful vehicle to develop social and personal life skills, positive attitudes, values and morals including team-building, communication, problem-solving, self-esteem, responsibility, empathy and resilience.

Sport also promotes right to equal participation for both women and men. While efforts at all levels on gender equality and women empowerment are in progress, I wish to ask the panellists on how sport plays a strategic role in these efforts what is the current status of participation of women athletes at the international sport events?

I thank you.

Geneva, 27 February 2012