Statement by H.E. Mr. Dian Triansyah Djani, Permanent Representative of Indonesia at the 13th Session of the Working Group on Universal Periodic Review – Consideration of the UPR Report of Bahrain

May 21, 2012 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Madam President,

My delegation would like to thank the delegation of Bahrain, headed by H.E. Dr. Salah Bin Ali Mohamed Abdulrahman, Minister of State for Human Rights Affairs for their national report.

We appreciate the Government of Bahrain for adopting various measures in implementing the recommedations of its UPR first cycle amid the current challenges of the reform process in the country. Bahrain’s continuous initiatives in the legislative and institutional framework deserve our full support.

My delegation equally welcomes the establishment of National Human Rights Institution in line with Bahrain voluntary pledge in 2008. Taking into account the pertinent role the Institution in the promotion and protection of human rights in the country, Indonesia recommends that the Government of Bahrain facilitate the work and function of the Institution in accordance with the Paris Principles.


Madam President,

Indonesia appreciates  a number of initiatives by the Government of Bahrain in the area of equality between men and women. Particular attention should also be given to the enactment of the law, aiming at ensuring the application of this equality in the State budget.

As a sending country of migrant workers, Indonesia welcomes Bahraini legislations which guarantee the protection of the rights of migrant workers irrespective of their gender or nationality, including the provision of hotline to deal with violence against women domestic workers. My delegation therefore wishes to recommend that the Bahraini Government step up its efforts in this regard.

In conclusion, Madam President, Indonesia fully believes that the Government and the people of Bahrain will continue its progress in the national reform process in general and wish the every success in their endeavours to the promotion and protection of human rights in the country.

Thank you.

Geneva, 21 May 2012