Statement by the Indonesian Delegation at the Interactive Dialogue, Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria – the 21st Session of the Human Rights Council

September 17, 2012 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Madam President,

My delegation thanks the Commission of Inquiry for their comprehensive and in-depth report.

We deeply concern that the violence has continued unabated despite various initiatives and international calls for the cessation of violence.

The report stated that the violence committed in Syria has surmounted to violations of international law, of international humanitarian law, of war crimes and of crimes against humanity to which the civilian population are at the brunt end of this precarious situation.

Madam President,

Syria is indeed at a critical juncture. The militarization of the situation has led to humanitarian toll of catastrophic proportions, as can be seen amongst others by the increasing number of IDP’s and refugees seeking refuge in neighbouring countries.

It is truly alarming that the conflict has unfolded for 18 months, with a confrontation of multiple internal and external actors, appears set to continue until the exhaustion of one side or the other. Equally worrying is that the conflict is spilling over into neighbouring countries, threatening their stability and the security of the region as a whole.

Time and again, Indonesia reiterates its strong call to end the violence. All sides must play its part in stopping the violence and the international community should create an enabling environment to do so.

Only when violence is suppressed and peace is established can an inclusive Syrian-led political process that is in line with the Syrian peoples aspirations be actively promoted.

Only in such conducive environment, Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi as Joint Arab League – United Nations Special Representative for Syria will be able work effectively to facilitate the dialogue towards finding a durable solution to the crisis.

Indonesia stands ready to contribute to this end. I thank you.


Geneva, 17 September 2012