Statement by Ambassador Edi Yusup, Deputy Permanent Representative of Indonesia at the Interactive Dialogue on the Update of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

September 8, 2014 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

The Interactive Dialogue on the Update of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

27th Session of the Human Rights Council


Mr. President,

Indonesia extends a warm welcome to Mr. Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the new UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. We also would like to extend our full support and cooperation to High Commissioner Al Hussein in discharging his mandates.

Indonesia attaches great importance to the work of the High Commissioner and his office as an important partner in our common endeavour to promote and protect human rights.

Before going further, my delegation aligns itself with the statements of ASEAN, NAM, and OIC. We also support the statement of a like-minded group of countries.


Mr. President,

For Indonesia, our journey provides an invaluable lesson that democracy and human rights promotion and protection can only take root when the process is wholly owned by the people and for the people. The recent parliamentary and presidential elections process and results testifies this.

Moreover, our journey in democracy and human rights also provides, at least, three other lessons:

First, it has to be worked out. Democracy and human rights are not manna from heaven. An ancient proverb says: “only together can we go far. The work should involve all sections in the states and society, working together, cooperatively, transparently, and accountably”. This transpired in our approach in the field of human rights: that is imperative to work inclusively, including with the concerned parties.

Second, comprehensiveness is keyword. To make real progress, we must touch all aspects.

Needless to say that it is why we believe that all rights, including right to development, should be advanced in universal, indivisible, interrelated, interdependent, and mutually reinforcing manner. And they must be treated in a fair and equal manner, on the same footing and with the same emphasis.

This exemplifies in our National Plan of Action on Human Rights, which will enter its fourth phase.  In this vein, we feel that, sometimes in the near future, the international community could have an exchange of best practices and experience on this matter.

In the regional level, we constantly encourage the human rights principles observance in full manner, including by encouraging a more comprehensive mandate of the ASEAN Inter-governmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR), whose Terms of Reference is currently undergoing a review process.

Third, there is no quick fix. Endurance and patience are needed in this kind of efforts.

This is reflected in our approach for a continued constructive dialogue and productive engagement in constructing solid building blocks of progress. We prefer socialisation to imposition of norms.

Just two weeks ago, Indonesia just hosted the 6th Forum on UN Alliance of Civilizations. And next month, we will host the 7th Bali Democracy Forum, the only intergovernmental forum with concrete activities in the region, in which democracy is deliberated with the spirit of mutual respect and understanding.

Underpinned by this belief, we constantly advocate dialogue and technical cooperation in the international level, based on the consent of and the request from the concerned states.


Mr. President and Mr. High Commissioner,

Our efforts to further promote and protect human rights can only move forward. No way we move backward or even stand still. We welcome the High Commissioner’s intention to further strengthen constructive engagement with States based on mutual respect.

Our resolved should stand firm, although challenges, new and old, keep coming in our way.

Threat from non-state actors, in particular terrorist and extremist groups, should be handled in a correct manner. We share Mr. Al Hussein’s view that measures to combat terrorism should respect international law, including human rights law.

We are dismayed that violations and abuses of international humanitarian and human rights laws towards Palestinians are still not fully addressed.

We concern that poverty and intolerance still persist as human rights challenges.

But we must keep our optimism high.

We support for the Office budget that comes from the regular UN budget. We also hope that the Office will enhance its efficiency and transparency.

In this regard, we firmly believe that the Mr. Al Hussein will bring new energy and enthusiasm to bring his office to a whole new level. Once again, we welcome and stand ready to work with you, Mr. High Commissioner.

I thank you.


Geneva, 8 September 2014