Statement by Indonesia Delegation – General Debate Item 2 at the 30th Session of the Human Rights Council *

September 14, 2015 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. President,

We note the statement by the High Commissioner.

At the outset, my delegation aligns itself with the statement of NAM, OIC as well as LMG statement delivered by Egypt.


Mr. President,

Indonesia’s commitment and efforts to further human rights’ promotion and protection in all levels continue to widen and deepen.

In the national level, let us share some developments as follows:

At the end of June 2015, the fourth generation of our national human rights plan of action was adopted. We have recalibrated our approach and program in this new Plan of Action to be more focused, concrete and measurable. Main features in the Plan of Action include, inter alia:

  • 6 main strategies with more attention to promote and protect the right of persons with disabilities in each strategy.
  • A streamlined implementing mechanism through establishment of a national joint secretariat.
  • Each line ministry/agency and local governments is now formulating specific human rights actions within their authority and to report their implementation.

Within this context, we are currently preparing some new comprehensive laws, such as, on persons with disabilities, on anti-torture and on protection of domestic workers. We are also preparing a government regulation on diversion with regard to juvenile justice, and a revision to the minister’s regulation on human rights cities.

Last week on 8 September 2015, we just held a national workshop on the issue of business and human rights. Main outcomes of the workshop include, inter alia, alignment of various regulation with UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

In line with Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and its follow-up (Beijing+20), we are also more determined to improve the quality of life of women.

Our commitment on this issue is transpired into global level by our active involvement on various initiatives, such as Equal Future Partnerships (EFP), Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict and the #HeforShe campaign.

At the regional level, we consistently call for a more comprehensive mandate of ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights. We also keep advocating for a legally-binding instrument for protection of migrant workers in the region.

We keep active in progressing human rights in the OIC. Next month, we will host a meeting of OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) on human rights education.


Mr. President,

Indonesia has also been consistent in its approach on the issue of irregular migrants. We understand that this phenomenon also occurs in other regions. In his regard, while we have to protect the rights of those migrants, it is a paramount importance to address the root causes of irregular migrants as well as strengthen cooperation between origin, transit and destination countries.

To conclude, Mr. President, we reiterate our readiness to forge constructive dialogue and cooperation in our common endeavor to uphold human rights. Next year, the Council will be 10 years-old. We do hope that it will be celebrated and commemorated by more cooperation with tangible results; not backtracking to over-politicization path with lack of progress.

I thank you.

Geneva, 14 September 2015

* delivered by mr. Acep Somantri