Statement by Indonesia Delegation at the 30th Session of the Human Rights Council – Interactive Dialogue with the IE on Older Person *

September 15, 2015 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. President,

Indonesia thanks the Working Group and the Independent Expert for their reports.

We take note of Ms. Kornfeld-Matte’s report which highlights the needs and challenges of autonomy and care of the elders as well as their potential contribution to the functioning of society if adequate guarantees are in place.

For further work, we are of the view that the IE may want to consider connecting and synergizing the efforts to uphold the rights of older persons with other existing international human rights instruments, such as CEDAW and ICESCR, in order to provide a more comprehensive set of references concerning the rights of older persons.


Mr. President,

For Indonesia, we are acutely aware that growing number of older persons should be treated in a special manner since we highly value the contribution of our elderly to the development of our nation.

In this regard, we have incorporated international framework on ageing namely Vienna Plan of Action on Ageing, Macao Declaration on Ageing in Asia Pacific, and Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA) into our national legislations and policies. Moreover, the rights of older persons have been integrated into our National Human Rights Action Plan 2015-2019.

Indonesia implements a holistic approach for the social protection of older persons by increasing the role of family and community.

The government also guarantees the rights of older persons to participate in the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programs pertaining their rights, through, among others, the establishment of National Commission for Older Person. Members of the commission are selected from government bodies as well as non-governmental organization and civil society to ensure the participation of all related stakeholders.

To further strengthen the effort to create a more inclusive society, the government in cooperation with NGO and civil society, continue to promote dialogues and events that aims to boost solidarity and awareness of the rights of older persons.

I thank you.


Geneva, 15 September 2015

* delivered by Ms. Ade Safira