Statement by the Delegation of Indonesia Interactive Dialogue with the High Commissioner for Human Rights Item 2, 31st Session of the Human Rights Council *

March 10, 2016 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. President,
My delegation notes the annual report of the High Commissioner.
We align ourselves to the statements delivered by Iran, Pakistan, and Egypt on behalf of the NAM, OIC and a like-minded group of countries respectively.
Mr. President,
2016 is a special year for human rights as we are commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Human Rights Council, the 30th anniversary of the Declaration on the Right to Development and the 50th anniversary of the two human rights Covenants. 2016 is also the beginning of the implementation of 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
These moments provide us opportunity to reflect and to reaffirm our commitment to our work, synergy and determination to make progress on all human rights’ promotion, protection, realization and fulfillment.
We attach great importance to the work of the High Commissioner and his office. The commemorations of the Council and the above-mentioned instruments should also be the time to reflect on the work and achievements of the OHCHR based on UNGA resolution    No. 48/141, in particular its operative paragraphs 3 and 4, including sub paragraph 4 (c).
Mr. President,
For our part, Indonesia is resolute to continue progressing in our development programme for all, through, inter alia, providing public services to all people, providing free basic compulsory education for the children and universal health care for all Indonesians in particular the poor, increasing prosperity and welfare of our people, and consolidating our democracy.
Our civil society plays significant roles in keeping the government in check. They are also constructive and critical partners for our progress in development, democracy and good governance.
We are also implementing the fourth generation of Indonesia’s National Action Plan on Human Rights 2015 – 2019. The current Plan has clear targets and indicators. It also put more focus on the realisation of the rights of persons with disabilities.
We continue to be steadfast in promoting democracy and human rights in the region, and in international level.

I thank you.

Geneva, 10 March 2016

* delivered by H.E Mr. Michael Tene, Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Indonesia.