DRAFT INTERVENTION BY THE DELEGATION OF INDONESIA At the 32th Session of the Human Rights Council Agenda item 3: Clustered ID with SR on Health and SR on Trafficking

June 15, 2016 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. Vice President,
I would like to thank for the comprehensive report of both Special Rapporteurs on Health and on Traffciking.
Indonesia realizes the importance of investing in providing health for adolescence. Indonesia has implemented an Adolescence Friendly Health Service (AFHS) which is a multi sectoral and multidimensional program covering health prevention, promotion, and rehabilitation of adolescence. The programs include information dissemination, establishment of school health unit, health services and counseling and trainings in healthy habits.
Furthermore, with regard to green space to facilitate sport and healthy activities, our Law on Spatial Planning stipulated that a city should allocate at least 30% of its area for open green space. The open green space does not only provide ecological benefit, but also social benefit in which people can conduct healthy activities.
Mr. Vice President,
As a reflection of our commitment to work closely with the UN Human Rights mechanism, Indonesia welcomes the visit plan of Special Rapporteur on Health  next year and look forward to having a constructive engagement.
Mr. Vice President,
As a group that is often marginalized in society in peace situation, women and children are facing even bigger threat during conflict. Indonesia’s commitment in combating trafficking as well as protecting women and children is unquestionable. We are a Party to the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children.
Indonesia has enacted a comprehensive national legislation on eradicating human trafficking which includes element of prevention, prosecution, protection of victim, and international cooperation as well as National Action Plan on Eradication of Human Trafficking Crimes and Eradication of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
Mr. Vice President,
We firmly believe that eradication of trafficking in person stands on four pillars: prevention, early detection, protection, and effective implementation of rule of law.  Indonesia stands ready and welcomes international and regional initiatives to prevent and eradicate trafficking in person, especially for women and children in this context.
I thank you