June 23, 2016 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. Vice President,
This right of reply is to respond to the statements made by the delegations of Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and one NGO on the matter of Papua.
My delegation reject categorically the Statements made by those Delegations today. Those statements represent an unfortunate lack of understanding of the current state and development in Indonesia, including in the provinces of Papua and West Papua.
Those statements lacks good faith and are politically motivated that can be construed as supporting the separatist group in those provinces who have been engaged in inciting public disorder and in armed terrorist attacks toward civilians and security personnel.
Such support clearly violates the purposes and objectives of the UN Charter and principles of international law on friendly relations among states and on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states.
Let me be clear, Indonesia, as a democratic country, is committed to promoting and protecting human rights, including by taking necessary steps to address the allegations of human rights violations and abuses in Papua. As no one is perfect, we are always open to have dialogue on human rights issues. But we reject politicization of those issues. We deplore the way Solomon Islands and Vanuatu have abused this Council and the universal principles of the promotion and protection of human rights by supporting the cause of separatism.
Mr. Vice President,
President Widodo has personally instructed relevant government agencies to take steps to settle past human rights issues, including those related to Papua, and to put in place measures to prevent future incidences.
In this regard, the government is addressing a number of cases of alleged human rights violations in Papua. To expedite the process of addressing those cases, the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs has set up an integrated team that includes the National Human Rights Commission.
Provinces of Papua and West Papua enjoy wide-ranging autonomy, and democracy, as guaranteed by the national laws. Provincial and local governments are directly elected by, and headed as well as administered by the Papuans. Moreover, it should be noted that the budget per capita in the two provinces are among the highest in Indonesia.
Mr. Vice President,
It needs to be underscored here that Solomon Islands and Vanuatu are far from being perfect in their implementation and protection of human rights. They are still facing serious human rights problems. Corruption is rampant in all segments in the society and government. Trafficking in persons continues to take place. Children are facing continued harsh punishment, and violence against women sadly is a daily routine. It will be for the betterment of their population if the government of Solomon Island and Vanuatu give attention and priority to seriously address their respective domestic human rights shortcomings.
I thank you.

Geneva, 22 June 2016

*delivered by H.E. Michael Tene, Deputy Permanent Mission of Indonesia