Statement by Indonesian Delegation General Debate Agenda Item 7 32nd Session of Human Rights Council*

June 27, 2016 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. President,
Indonesia associates itself with the statements delivered by distinguished delegates of Iran and Pakistan on behalf of NAM and OIC respectively. We would like to add with some additional views.
Mr. President,
This debate comes at a time when there is an increasing global concern of the Palestine-Israel conflict. Violations and abuses of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory have continued to grow and no progress is seen in halting the violence.
My Delegation underlines that key to this, is ensuring confidence among parties by encouraging confidence building measure actions including immediate end to the violence; halting resettlements; and ensuring security.
Indonesia believes that it is the right time for international community to put an end to the occupation of the Palestinian Territory that has resulted in instability throughout the Middle East, and created the most serious threat to regional and global peace and security. We remain consistent that all efforts must be exerted to achieve the two-State solution.
Mr President,
Indonesia continues to materialize its support to the Palestinian people. In March 2016, the 5th Extraordinary Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, hosted by the Government of Indonesia, drew the attention of the international community to the urgency of attaining a comprehensive, just, and lasting solution to the Question of Palestine.
The Government of Indonesia also provides technical assistance for the Palestinians at the bilateral and regional levels. Under the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership, Indonesia initiated 128 programs and trained 1.338 Palestinians.
The capacity building programs covered various fields including good governance, small and medium scale business, agriculture, sports, regular diplomatic training, tourism archive management, health, energy, and women empowerment. In 2016, Indonesia will conduct 6 capacity building programs for Palestinian in cooperation with JICA and Indonesia NGOs.
Mr. President,
There have been many resolutions under this agenda item adopted by the Human Rights Council since its establishment through Regular and Special Session. Sadly, despite the overwhelming support of member States to all resolutions, no substantial efforts have been undertaken to implement the resolutions.
Indonesia, again and again, called this Council to waste no further time in ensuring that the Human Rights Council contributes to pave the way for the elimination of human rights violations and abuses, for the resumption of a credible peace process and for the establishment of an Independent State of Palestine.
To conclude, Mr. President, I wish to underline that the children of Palestine deserve a future that was denied of their fathers: a future free from fear and mistrust.
I thank you.

Geneva, 27 June 2016

*delivered by Mr. Achsanul Habib