Statement by the Delegation of Indonesia Interactive Dialogue (ID) with the Fact Finding Mission (FFM) on Myanmar Agenda Item 4 at the 36th Session of the Human Rights Council

September 18, 2017 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Thank you Mr. President,
Indonesia is deeply concerned with the ongoing humanitarian situation in the Rakhine State. We are troubled with the fact that the flow of refugee still continues and we encourage the Government of Myanmar to ensure the security and the well-being of its people.
Indonesia has played a pro-active role in trying to ameliorate the situation faced by the people in Rakhine State as well as the humanitarian crisis which has ensued. As stated by our Foreign Minister, Indonesia has urged the following steps to the Government of Myanmar:
1) to restore stability and security in the Rakhine State;
2) to exercise maximum restraint and refrain from violence;
3) to protect all individuals in the Rakhine State and;
4) to open all access to humanitarian aid.
On top of these proposed steps, Indonesia has also strongly encouraged the Government of Myanmar to immediately implement all the recommendations made by the advisory commission led by Mr. Kofi Annan. Indonesia stands ready to work together with Myamnmar in this regard.
On a final note, Indonesia hopes that all parties involved can cooperate to assist all those who are severely affected by the situation. We also hope that the Government of Myanmar could engage the international community, including international humanitarian organisations, in a constructive manner and to comprehensively address the challenges to create an inclusive development in Rakhine State that is based on equal treatment and respect for human rights.
I thank you.

Geneva, 18 September 2017