Statement by the Delegation of Indonesia General Debate Agenda Item 10 at the 36th session of the Human Rights Council

September 28, 2017 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. President,
Indonesia views that technical cooperation and capacity building are central to the credibility and effectiveness of the Human Rights Council.
The agenda item 10 should provide a venue for States to have a genuine discussion on the capacity-building challenges and needs of member states.
We are concerned with the recent trend in the Council in which agenda item 10 resolutions seem to go beyond the main purpose of the agenda item 10 itself, which is technical cooperation and capacity building. We should reinvigorate agenda item 10 by sharpening and focusing our discussion and by further building mutual trust and respect. We should also enhance dialogue on how the Council can add value to the promotion and protection of human rights through technical cooperation.
Mr. President
It is our firm belief that States themselves remain the best judge for their own needs and priorities, and that all technical assistance activities provided by the OHCHR and the Council as well as the international community should be directed to the priorities outlined by the states concerned.
Technical cooperation should be designed to meet the evolving needs of States in addressing global challenges. It should be used to help States promote and fulfil human rights, including the right to development. It should also be used to help States in realizing the 2030 Agenda.
Finally, Mr. President, we should translate rhetoric into reality. This can be done by maintaining the spirit of Agenda Item 10 and by enhancing the effectivity of the Council’s modalities.
Thank you.

Geneva, 28 September 2017