Statement delivered by H.E. Mr. Hasan Kleib, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia at the General Debate Agenda Item 2 Oral Update with the High Commissioner of Human Rights

June 19, 2018 Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. President,

I wish to respond to the reference on Indonesia by the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights during his oral update yesterday, which stated that my Government’s invitation to his Office to visit Papua, which was made during his visit to Indonesia in February, has still not been honoured.

My Government has indeed invited him personally to visit the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua to have a first-hand information on the ongoing improvements of human rights as well as the existing challenges.

In responding to the invitation, the High Commissioner has informed us that he will be represented for the visit by the Regional Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Bangkok.
In the follow-up, it is deeply regrettable that the staff members of his Regional Office in Bangkok, instead of coordinating the planned visit with the Indonesian authorities, has unilaterally set the dates and areas to visit in Papua and West Papua, while demanding immediate access.

Furthermore, the staffs at his Regional Office has misleadingly acted as if there are already mutually agreed visit’s schedule and that the Government of Indonesia has not yet given them the access.
Such deplorable conducts have not only restricted the Government from having ample time to coordinate with relevant stakeholders, particularly the local governments, but also obstructed the effective coordination between the Government and the Regional Office in Bangkok.

Mr. President,

Let me reassure the High Commissioner that the Government of Indonesia has always honoured its invitation, and it remains committed to extend its standing invitation for him or his Office to visit Papua and West Papua.

But, at the same time, we wish to request the High Commissioner to ensure that his staffs at Regional Office in Bangkok will honour and strictly abide by the established working method of the UN, and respect the principles of consent of the host Government in its future engagement.

Thank you, Mr. President.


Geneva,  19 June 2018