Statement of the Republic of Indonesia on item 6 : Report on UNCTAD Assistance to the Palestinian people, delivered by Mr. Arief R. Hidayat, at the 65th Session part II TDB – UNCTAD

October 2, 2018 Economy, Development and Environment

Mr. President,
Indonesia associates itself with the statement by Pakistan on behalf of G77 and China.
We highly appreciate the Secretary General for the report on UNCTAD Assistance to the Palestinian people, as well as his team for their comprehensive update.
The Middle East issue, specifically the faith of Palestinian people is one of the special attention of Indonesian foreign policy in all international fora. Indonesia’s unwavering support to the Palestinian people has been strengthened moreover since the rising of Palestinian flag for the first time on 30 September 2015 at the UN Headquarters in New York. The support from the majority of the UN member states towards the struggle of the Palestinian people has culminated when the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution on ‘Raising the Flags of Non-Member Observer States at the United Nations’.
Furthermore, the membership of the State of Palestine in UNCTAD should bring benefit towards the economic development in Palestine. Indonesia hopes that UNCTAD should continuously undertake its technical cooperation to the Palestinian people.
Mr. President,
Indonesia supports UNCTAD’s work on the Palestinian economy among others through the Assistance to the Palestinian People Unit established in 1985. Such a support should be continuously rendered for the State of Palestine. Indonesia acknowledges UNCTAD as the first international organisation that systematically examines Palestine’s economic development.
Mr. President,
For over 60 years, the Israeli illegal occupation has turned the region with full of tension and violence which has impeded the economic development in Palestine. Such a manoeuvre will only distract us from UNCTAD’s mandate reflected on agenda item 6 to render support to the Palestinian people as long as they are still deprived of their long overdue human rights, including their economic rights.
Mr. President,
Since 2008 up to now, Indonesia has initiated hundreds of technical assistance programs with Palestine including trainings for thousands of Palestinians. This partnership has now been extended until 2019. Therefore, we also reiterate the need for UNCTAD to continuously undertake technical assistance to the Palestinian people and to implement paragraph 55(dd) of the Nairobi Maafikiano to continue to assess the economic development prospects of Palestine.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Geneva, 2 October 2018