February 12, 2021 Topics, Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Madame President,

Indonesia has been supporting, and will continue to support Myanmar’s struggle towards democratic transition, that is peaceful and upholds human rights. We are therefore deeply concerned over the recent political situation that has jeopardized these hard-fought gains.

We call upon Myanmar to uphold the principles of democracy and constitutional government. The respect for fundamental freedoms and human rights, contained in the ASEAN Charter and the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration, should continue to be respected.

Madame President,

We still believe that the solution to the present situation lies in a ‘’Myanmar Led – Myanmar Owned’’ political process. Thus, all parties in Myanmar must exercise self-restraint and advance dialogue.

The Military and Police should be an inclusive part of the democratic transition. They bear the responsibility to guard human rights and democracy. Any restriction towards rights and freedoms with a view to restore normalcy should be proportionate and lawful. The safety and protection of all people in Myanmar are of the utmost importance.

Madame President,

This special session should:

➔ First, call on Myanmar to fulfil its national and international human rights obligations. This involves assisting Myanmar in strengthening democratic institutions and processes, including in settling election disputes; and adressing the root causes of the current situation.

➔ Second, support ASEAN’s centrality and leading role in responding to the current development in Myanmar, by reinforcing individual and collective efforts of ASEAN member states.

Furthermore, what is happening now should not distract us from creating conditions necessary for the safe, voluntary, dignified, and sustainable return of displaced Rohingya and other minorities; and ensuring that Myanmar works to respond to the pandemic and its consequences.

To conclude, it is imperative for Myanmar to open their door to dialogue with ASEAN, countries in the region, and the United Nations. Only through dialogue, mutual understanding on how the international community can assist and support Myanmar in addressing the present situation can be found.

I thank you.