Statement by the Delegation of Indonesia on Agenda Item 3 – Outcome of the Second WHASS The 150th Session of the WHO Executive Board, 24 January 2022

January 24, 2022 Topics, Health and Labour Issues
  • Let me begin by expressing sympathy to the people and the government of Tonga.
  • Chair, Indonesia welcomes the successful outcome at the 2nd Special Session of the WHA last year.
  • The establishment of an Intergovernmental Negotiating Body provides a new momentum … for the international community to strengthen global prevention, preparedness and response for health emergencies.
  • Such legally binding instrument should provide a concrete solution … to address the gaps in the global architecture for health emergency prevention, preparedness and response.
  • It should be based on our collective experience and advance the principle of equity.
  • This involves strengthening collaboration, cooperation and global solidarity …  including by reaffirming the central role of the WHO in this context, to ensure that the global community has the capacity…. to respond to a health emergency in an equitable manner.
  • Therefore, Indonesia sees the need to consider:
(i) establishing a sustainable mechanism for ensuring rapid access to medical countermeasures for pandemic response, including vaccines.

-> Developing countries need to be empowered to build their own capacity to better prevent, prepare and respond to health emergencies, through among others increasing local manufacturing capacity;

(ii) strengthening health system resilience by building countries core health capacities; and

(iii) harmonizing international travel standard in health emergency.

  • Our work in the INB should be coherent, inclusive, transparent and member state led. We should also take into account the work of WGPR.  
  • Indonesia looks forward to engage and collaborate constructively in the INB to ensure that world will be better prepared for future health emergency, including pandemics.
  • I thank you.