February 28, 2022 Topics, Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. President, Your Excellency Ambassador Federica Villegas,

1. Let me begin by congratulating you… on your assumption as President of the Human Rights Council.

2. Rest assured of Indonesia’s full support.

3. Today, we are living in one of the most challenging times in history.

4. Most of us continue to struggle with COVID-19… and its multidimensional impacts.

5. It is clear that… this pandemic has compounded many human rights challenges.

6. More than 168 million children globally were shut out of their schools… and at greater risk of becoming victims… to child labor, trafficking, and child marriage.

7. Global unemployment has climbed over 200 million marks.

8. Over 1 billion people could be living in extreme poverty by 2030.

9. Discrimination and inequalities are rampant… robbing the less fortunate among us of an opportunity to have a better life.

Mr. President,

10. This should be our wake-up call.

11. The pandemic must not divert our attention away… from grave human rights situations around the world.

12. Our efforts to promote and protect human rights… depends on our ability to address these challenges collectively and urgently.

13. We must always avail ourselves to assist those in need…

14. We have to stand strong for human rights… and reject human wrongs.

15. There are three areas that should be our focus.

16. First… ensure everyone has an equal chance to defeat COVID-19.

17. Health is a fundamental human right… and so is access to medical solution.

18. Current gap in global vaccination is shocking.
-> Nearly 69% of people in high-income countries have received at least one dose…
-> Meanwhile, 83% of people in Africa have yet to receive theirs.

19. The Council must reinforce its commitment… to fulfill the rights to health… including through fair and equitable access to vaccine for all.

20. As current President of the G20… and Co-Chair of COVAX AMC EG… Indonesia stands ready to collaborate further in this effort… with a view to rebuilding a stronger global health architecture.

21. Second… uphold democratic values in addressing global challenges.

22. Democracy, development, and human rights are interdependent… and mutually reinforcing.

23. It is very unfortunate to see the pandemic used as pretext… to undermine human rights, shrink civic space, and limit press freedom.

24. Democratic values must be at the core of our pandemic response…
-> to ensure no one is left behind…
-> guarantee the voices of all citizens…
-> and strengthen international enabling environment for sustainable recovery.

25. The Council must reinvigorate dialogue on the virtue of democracy… in promoting and protecting human rights.

26. Third… advance protection of women’s rights.

27. Women continue to be disadvantaged in many aspects of life… including access to healthcare, social protection, and decent employment.

28. Violence against women continues… especially in the conflict zones.

29. Gender equality and women empowerment are the hallmarks of a developed and well-functioning society.

30. Indonesia knows full well the potential of women… in being part of solution.

31. We are committed to helping other countries harness such potential… including Afghanistan.

32. We continue to explore possible cooperation in women empowerment and peacebuilding projects with Afghan women… in collaboration with other like-minded countries.

33. Going forward… I hope to see further integration of a gender perspective in the Council’s works and deliberations.

Mr. President,

34. Successful discharge of the Council’s mandates… requires us to address its shortcomings.

35. We need an adaptive and agile Council… that is well-prepared to address human rights challenges of our time.

36. We cannot allow politicization of human rights here… including the misuse of the Council for shortsighted objectives.

37. No more double-standards… and no more finger-pointing exercises…

38. Because we are here not to assign blame… but to learn from each other… and advance cooperation on human rights.

39. To continue our contribution to the Council’s works… we have put forward our candidacy to the Council for 2024-2026.

40. I look forward to having a constructive discussion with all of you… during the fourth cycle of the UPR in November.

41. Thank you.