Statement by the Delegation of the Republic of Indonesia at the General Debate on Agenda Item 5 Human Rights Bodies and Mechanisms 49th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, 22 March 2022

March 22, 2022 Topics, Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr. President,

1. Indonesia reaffirms its support towards the work of UN human rights bodies and mechanisms to undertake their mandate:
-> Particularly to provide advisory services, technical assistance and capacity-building…
-> To be delivered in consultation with and with the consent of Member States concerned.

2. Mandate holders, therefore, should carry out their duties in conformity the Code of Conduct and their respective mandates;
-> Pay due consideration to the diversity of national perspectives, legal systems, socio-cultural contexts and challenges; and
-> Respect the principles of constructive cooperation and dialogue aimed at strengthening the capacities of Member States.

3. Ensuring the fulfillment of those criteria, when combined with an objective, impartial, and constructive approach, will put governments in a better position to take the necessary follow-up actions to resolve a particular human rights concern…
-> As well as prevent the erosion of trust towards particular mandate holders and the special procedures mechanism as a whole.


4. Indonesia regrets the growing pattern of unconstructive and biased media releases by certain Special Procedures Mandate Holders, who have consistently and selectivelydisregarded verifiable data and information submitted by Member States.

5. Indonesia also regrets the publication of news releases on allegations that have already been addressed by governments, without any reference to the response of governments.

6. In this connection, the presentation of evidence by States to disprove allegations must be acknowledged on an equal footing with the allegations purported, and not be treated as mere pro forma.

7. My delegation reiterates that genuine news releases cover all sides.

8. If mandate holders are unsatisfied with government responses, the next logical course of action should be to pursue further dialogue with the government concerned, and not to jump directly to the “megaphone” approach.

9. Should certain mandate holders derail their work from resolution 5/1, it is the task of our august Council to strive for improvements of its mechanism, through the review and rationalization of mandate holders, including through the possible streamlining, merging or discontinuation of mandates.

I thank you.