Statement of the Republic of Indonesia Interactive Dialogue with Independent Expert on Older Persons 51st session of the Human Rights Council, 19 September 2022

September 19, 2022 Topics, Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

Mr./Madame (Vice-) President,

1. Indonesia reaffirms its strong commitment on the elimination of discrimination and violence, as provided in the ratified core international human rights instruments and as guaranteed in its Constitution.

2. Indonesia’s policies regarding ageing population uphold this commitment to non-discrimination and take into account individual capacity and health condition. They incorporate the importance of strong institution providing service to the elderly, public awareness as well as social protection.

3. The National Strategy of Ageing and National Action Plan on Elderly Health 2020-2024 contains strategies, standards and procedures which serves as a guideline for relevant ministries and agencies to improve  quality services for the elderly. This Strategy aims at achieving elderly welfare including by assisting older persons to carry out their daily life more independently.

4. Since 2016, home care services has been established in 259 cities/regencies in 26 provinces and long-term care in 73 cities/regencies in 21 provinces.

5. For elderly inmates, the Government provide humanitarian remission annually during the National Day of Elderly People.

6. At the regional level, we initiated the adoption of the Jakarta Statement on Treatment of Elderly Prisoners which highlighted the need for appropriate accommodation, healthcare service, both physical and mental health, and necessary human resources for elderly inmates.

Thank you.