I wish to personally welcome you to the website of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations, World Trade Organization, and Other International Organizations in Geneva, Switzerland.

This website serves as a unified information platform, to assist those interested in knowing more about Indonesia; not only about our stance on various international issues of common interest, but also, more generally, about the workings of the Permanent Mission in translating Indonesia’s foreign policy into diplomatic undertakings on a wide array of issues – which include human rights and humanitarian affairs, migration, health, economic trade and development, intellectual property, labour, telecommunications, and meteorology.

Here, you can also find links to various national governmental institutions and international organizations with whom the Indonesian Permanent Mission collaborates with in formulating its diplomatic practice – thus providing you with an understanding on the breadth of coverage that the staff members of the Permanent Mission manage everyday.

As my Geneva-based team and I engage in the daily practice of multilateral diplomacy, we are constantly reminded that the decisions made in Geneva will have a real impact on the daily lives of people – not only in Indonesia, but all around the world.

We are, therefore, committed to continuously become part of our common effort in shaping international governance; and in doing so, we strive to not only enhance development for the Indonesian people, but to also ensure that our undertakings are in line with the development needs of others.

Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary

Permanent Representative